Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is one of the quantitative research techniques. During an interview conducted in a special studio, the interviewer asks questions to the respondents via the telephone and saves their answers on a regular basis in the computer system. The advantages of CATI are, above all, the quick execution of the research and developing results, as well as minimization of errors in the research and full control over the project.

The implementation of telephone research is an important area of activity of the MANDS institute. Every month, we conduct thousands of interviews about sounding, social and consumer research and B2B study in Poland and abroad. To provide services of the highest quality, since 2005 MANDS has its own modern studio to carry out CATI research in Wrocław.

MANDS performs CATI research using a professional computer system which verifies the logical correctness of the collected data and supports and controls the work of interviewers.  The Institute has professional interviewers’ workplaces, and supervisors, which have with many years of experience, watch over the course of research projects. Our interviewers can work in a professionally equipped studio or thanks to the use of Cati@Home – at home, with a laptop and headphones.