Qualitative Research

FGI (Focus Group Interviews) is one of the most popular methods of qualitative research. This is a form of group discussion controlled by a moderator and conducted on the basis of a previously prepared conversation scenario. The course of the interview is recorded. FGI is most often used for testing new concepts, e.g. a logo, packaging or advertising, and to study consumer behavior. The advantage of this research is its creative and inspiring character and the possibility of in-depth analysis of the topic.

IDI (Individual In-Depth Interview) is the second most popular method of qualitative research. It consists in a conversation between the moderator and the respondent in order to reach the desired information, but also to learn about the attitudes, intentions and motives of the respondents’ activities. The interview is conducted according to a previously determined scenario, however, it has an open character – the moderator may ask questions, deepen selected topics. IDI interviews are conducted for example in situations where access to selected groups for the study is difficult or when the conversation concerns sensitive subjects or just controversial topics, which most people would not like to talk on the forum. As with focus groups, the IDI process is usually recorded, which allows for an in-depth analysis of the results based on information obtained throughout the entire series of independent interviews.

MANDS also has a platform for conducting qualitative online research – FoBo. Focuses that are organized on the Internet in the form of Focus Boards (FOBO) are becoming more and more popular form of conducting qualitative research. We are constantly developing and expanding our offer, therefore, in addition to the best focus hall in Wroclaw, we have professional tools for conducting research on the Internet. Over all project, both offline and online, there is always a team of experts who will be happy to help you complete each project.