Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is one of the quantitative research techniques. During an interview conducted in a special studio, the interviewer asks questions to the respondents via the telephone and saves their answers on a regular basis in the computer system. The advantages of CATI are, above all, the quick execution of the research and[…]


It is the evolution of traditional paper-pencil tests for full-scale computer-assisted interviews. The interviewer uses a convenient tablet, just like a paper questionnaire. MOBI also gives you the opportunity to use media in the form, or the use of advanced visualization techniques for questions such as „drag & drop”. This solution makes it easier and[…]


Computer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI) is an online questionnaire filled in by the respondent. We use CADAS CAWI software to conduct that research, which combines all elements of the research process: organizational, methodological, control and IT. It enables conducting reliable projects with high quality of the obtained data. An important aspect of the program is[…]


Platform as a Service is a solution that allows you to borrow access to the specific technology and research software for a limited time. It is ideal for companies that do not want to invest in equipment or they need access to professional statistical tools only for the duration of a specific project. Research within[…]

Qualitative Research

FGI (Focus Group Interviews) is one of the most popular methods of qualitative research. This is a form of group discussion controlled by a moderator and conducted on the basis of a previously prepared conversation scenario. The course of the interview is recorded. FGI is most often used for testing new concepts, e.g. a logo,[…]