Distribution Check (DC)

Distribution Check (DC) – distribution control using methodology developed and systematically improved by MANDS, which has passed both domestic and foreign implementation controls positively. Currently as part of the distribution control of advertising materials we visit over 10,000 a week households checking if newsletters were delivered to them. Please contact us for more details info@mands.pl

Exit Store

Exit Store is a research carried out on the shop premises with its clients. It allows you to analyze distribution areas in a given location due to the value of the shopping basket, the frequency of purchases in this store and competitive shops. Its effect is the creation of heatmap – attractive areas in financial[…]

Distribution Reporting System (DRS)

Distribution Reporting System is the answer of MANDS to the need for quick information about the completion of distribution of advertising materials in a highlighted areas. This is web software, available in a monthly subscription as SaaS. At the level of the material distributor, it enables simple reporting of the end of distribution in a[…]

Call Distribution Check (CDC)

Call Distribution Check (CDC) is a telephone control of the distribution of advertising newsletters. As part of one big research, usually organized once every two years, about 10,000 interviews are carried out at locations which are particularly important for the client from the point of view of the quality of distribution. The results of the[…]